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Minimizing claim denials and reducing write-offs since 1997.

The Power of Appeals advantage

Power of Appeals improves cash flow and reduces write-offs by analyzing denials, streamlining appeals, tracking the disposition of appeals and providing denial prevention reporting and analysis.

Power of Appeals diligently identifies denial causes having the greatest financial impact, thereby accelerating cash flow.See more advantages
Power of Appeals puts payers on notice that denials, underpayments, and delayed payments will not be tolerated.See more advantages
Analysis reporting in Power of Appeals quantifies avoidable denial causes and their financial impact on your bottom line.See more advantages
See more advantages

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Take control of denials

Power of Appeals ensures you receive the reimbursement you’re entitled to.

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“I was able to collect $98,000!”

“I want you to know how much Power of Appeals has helped me in collections. I was able to collect $98,000.00 on JUST ONE clinical trials case with the help of your software. Your letters really do work. INVALUABLE TO SAY THE LEAST!” Terry P.

From what I have seen in this software, 75 to 80 percent of the over 90 day accounts with insurance, third-party-pay accounts, could be resolved using Power of Appeals.
Linda Cagle
We purchased this program from you in the fall, and I have to tell you, every letter that I have generated resulted in a return in my favor! I am very impressed and satisfied!
Abhin Singla, MD

Start Improving Your Reimbursement.

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