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Power of Appeals is a Denial Management software application that improves cash flow and reduces write-offs by analyzing denials, streamlining denial appeals, tracking the disposition of denial appeals and providing denial prevention reporting and analysis. Power of Appeals can assist your office with Analyzing Denials, Appealing Denials, Tracking Denials, and Preventing Denials.
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Power of Appeals

2509, 2014

Appeal Letter Construction Zone

At Appeal Solutions, we maintain more than 1600 appeal letters for medical organizations to use to appeal denied, stalled or incorrectly paid claims (sign up at appeallettersonline.com/signup.php). To constantly improve these letters, we put our letters through a rigorous peer review in order to solicit comments and questions about using these letters for maximum effectiveness. […]

1904, 2011

Seven Tips To A Successful Medical Necessity Appeal

AppealLettersOnline.com has a number of letters citing state and federal disclosure laws which assist medical providers with demanding more complete information regarding denials. These letters are under the Topic: Benefit Reductions and the Subcategory: State Mandates in the AppealLettersOnline.com Appeal Letter Repository and include a number of new state-specific disclosure letters.

Request Immediate Peer-to-Peer Review. See […]

1904, 2011

An Ounce of Appeal is Worth a Pound of Payment

The health care hue and cry grows louder everyday.

Medical and mainstream publications are filled with stories focusing on the barriers doctors and hospitals face in getting paid in today’s health care environment. Precertification, managed care and tight timely filing deadlines are just some of the hurdles medical professionals must finesse when seeking reimbursement. And if […]

603, 2011

New Power of Appeals Reports

Are your organization’s financial vital signs hard to take?

The increasing complexity of medical reimbursement means increasingly complex financial health analysis.

Power of Appeals software is the leader in denial management with its powerful database of 1600 compliance-focused appeal letters. Now, Power of Appeals provides additional financial analysis tools to allow users to achieve better management of […]